William Asbury Parker

William Asbery (Asbury) Parker

William Asbury (aka Asbery) Parker (son of Jonathan Parker)

Parker, William Asbury is recorded on muster records as a private serving in Company I, Thomas' Legion (69th Regiment, North Carolina). Some documents I have studied reflect William Asbery, while others reflect William Asbury. In either case it is the same individual. 

Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders: 69th North Carolina Regiment

William Asbury Parker, William Benson Parker, and Captain Willis Parker

All three served in Company I of Thomas' Legion, 69th North Carolina Regiment. All three are recorded on Official Civil War Muster Records.

Also called Thomas' North Carolina Legion, 69th North Carolina Regiment, and Thomas' Legion of Indians and Highlanders.

Parker, William, Parker, William Asbury, and Parker, Willis

William Asbury served in "Thomas' Legion", with his brother, Captain Willis Parker, and his nephew, Corporal William Benson Parker (Willis' son). William Asbury is also listed on Thomas' Legion's muster roll: THOMAS LEGION, COMPANY I OF THE FIRST REGIMENT MUSTER ROLL, 31 August, 1863, through 31 October, 1863. Numerous relatives served in Thomas' Legion.

William Asbury Parker is also recorded in the National Park Service Civil War Archives:

William Asbury Parker (First_Last)
Regiment Name Infantry Regiment, Thomas' Legion, North Carolina.

Parker, William Asbury 
Birth: 22 MAR 1835 Cherokee Co., N.C.
Death: 10 MAR 1914 Delaware Co., Oklahoma
Burial: Grove Cemetery, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Gender: Male

Father: Parker, Jonathan
Mother: Blythe, Leoma


Spouse: Kimsey, Nancy
Birth: 22 DEC 1837 Union Co., Ga.
Death: July 1899
Burial: Grove Cemetery, Indian Territory, Oklahoma
Gender: Female

Her father, James Kimsey - see below - first married Mary Malissa Parker (Parker, Mary Malissa), daughter of William S. Parker, Jr., (Parker, William S, Jr.). William S. Parker, Jr., is brother of Jonathan Parker (Parker, Jonathan). Jonathan Parker (Parker, Jonathan) is the father of William Asbury Parker (Parker, William Asbury). Meanwhile, her sister, Martha Jane Kimsey (Kimsey, Martha Jane ), married John Brown Parker (Parker, John Brown ), son of William S. Parker, Jr. (Parker, William S., Jr.)

Father: Kimsey, James
Mother: Russell, Sarah


Parker, Sara
Birth: 1858
Gender: Female
Parker, Albert
Birth: 1860
Gender: Male
Parker, Lucille
Birth: 1862
Gender: Female
Parker, Caroline
Birth: 1864
Gender: Female
Parker, Susan
Birth: 1867
Gender: Female

Thomas' Legion (Overview)

In the American Civil War, William served in Confederate Colonel Thomas' Legion of Cherokee Indians and Highlanders (Mountaineers) with William Holland Thomas, James R. Love, William C. Walker, and William Williams Stringfield. The Legion consisted of Love's Regiment, Walker's Battalion, and Levi's Artillery Battery. The Legion fought in the Cumberland Gap, Smoky Mountains, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia areas. They are known for the last battle of the Civil War in North Carolina, also called The Last Shot and the Last Battle of Waynesville, North Carolina. The Battle of Waynesville, N.C., also reflected the sheer determination of the Western North Carolinians.

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